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Its not enough just to like someone. A crush is not enough.

You have to make them feel You have to make them feel

Because when you like someone and you dont initiate conversations, youll never really know who they are, youll never know if you really like them or you just like the idea of them, youll never know if your connection is real or superficial.

When you like someone and you dont try to spend more time with them, then youre letting them go, youre telling them its okay for them to go out and know other people and maybe fall in love with someone else. Youre telling them you dont really care about them that much and youre happy with just liking them from afar, liking them from a distance and you dont care about getting closer.

When you like someone and you dont let them know, theyll always wonder, theyll question your intentions, theyll question themselves, theyll wonder why youre not makingany effort and theyll ask themselves if they did anything that made you change your mind, if maybe you like someone else more, if they should have done more to keep you interested.

So while its flattering to know that someone likes you, sometimes its also frustrating when nothing else comes out of it. When the attraction fades, when the connection dies and when it turns into nothing because no one said or did anything to take it further.

Look for someone who not only likes you but also you because that makes all the difference.

When someone wants you, they talk to you, they try to see you, to understand you, to spend more time with you, to know your friends andmake it obvious that they’re interested in your life.

When someone wants you, they dont leave you with unanswered questions or mixed feelings and they dont make room for anyone to steal their spot.

When someone wants you, they let you know. You feel it. You see it. You believe it. You dont just sit there and hope it turns into something real. It’s not an illusion, it’s

Liking someone is not enough, wanting someone is what pushes people to put themselves out there, risk rejection and open themselves up to love another person and be loved.

Dont wait for someone to show you how much they like you, wait for them to show you how much they you.

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book , available here.

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