Mitch McConnell and Devin Nunes said they hadnt seen evidence to support baseless allegations that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump during the election

While the White House on Tuesday stood by Donald Trumps assertion that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama during the 2016 presidential campaign, top Republicans on Capitol Hill provided little support to bolster his explosive and unsubstantiated claim.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, said he had not seen any evidence to back up a series of tweets by Trump on Saturday that accused Obama of wiretapping his phones at Trump Tower.

We have an existing intelligence committee looking at all aspects of what may have been done last year related to the Russians or the campaign and well leave it there, the Kentucky Republican told reporters.

Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House intelligence committee, also could not offer any proof of Trumps allegations while speaking at a separate press conference.

At this point, we dont have any evidence of that, said Nunes, whose panel is investigating Russian interference in the US election.

The reaction from Republicans in Washington was the latest example of a familiar pattern: forced to defend the unfiltered words of a president who has a history of making false proclamations with significant consequences. In the six weeks since Trump took office, Republicans have struggled to make sense of claims that have ranged from his false insistence that millions of illegal votes were cast in the November election to now an unprecedented accusation against his predecessor.

Nunes chastised the media for taking Trumps words at face value. The president had merely posed a question about being wiretapped, Nunes argued, even as reporters said Trumps statement had been far more definitive.

As you all know, the president is a neophyte in politics. And I think a lot of the things he says, you guys sometimes take literally, Nunes said to the press.

Sometimes he doesnt have 27 lawyers and staff looking at what he does I dont think we should attack the president for tweeting.

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