Bolingbrook, Illinois (CNN)As part of an ongoing conversation with Trump voters, CNN is talking to supporters across the country about why they supported him and whether they still do.

    This week, Muslim Pakistani-Americans gave us their views on the revised travel ban that rolled out this week.

      Dr. Waqas Khan

      Why he supports President Trump: Khan says, “I identify myself as American first. I really love this country a lot and to me Donald Trump appeared to be the most patriotic candidate that I’ve seen so far.”
        Age: 37
        Occupation: Doctor of internal medicine
        Political leaning: Lifelong Democrat turned Republican Trump supporter

        Saleem Sheikh

        Why he likes President Trump: Sheikh says, “Mr. Trump does have some very good qualities. One particular quality that I like about him is that he’s a businessman and business people know-how to make peace. He can reach out across the aisle and negotiate a deal.”
        Age: 67
        Occupation: Retired engineer
        Political leaning: Lifelong Republican who voted for Hillary Clinton

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