I hope you were just being polite to a man who felt free to invade a womans personal space. Because if it was a true show of unity, that is shameful

Oh, Theresa May, Ive been there: one minute youre just a woman trying to do your job; the next, a man is touching you in a way that is definitely not appropriate, but hard to explain and difficult to prevent. Theyre good at it, these men: they touch you with purpose but in a way that could be a mistake. They touch you that way because they know you wouldnt want to make a scene: you wouldnt want to be awkward. They touch you this way those men, who know that you wont make a fuss not just to be sleazy, or to make you uncomfortable, but to demonstrate that they are in control.

I wonder if that was what you were thinking today, Mrs May I must not make a fuss when before your joint press conference, Donald J Trump lead you down the White House colonnade holding your hand as if he was pretending to be Barack Obama and you were Michelle.

I get it: youve said you were goody two-shoes at school, and everyone knows that goody two-shoes doesnt tell a powerful man to fuck off when he takes her hand. Even if hes a man who has consistently demonstrated his lack of respect for women and their bodies. I get what its like to feel threatened: to be in the presence of a man who has expressed his freedom to grab women by their genitals and perhaps feel relieved that he only clasps your fingers in his clammy, small palm. This is the best I can hope for you, Mrs May: that there was an involuntary element to this hand holding. Because you were meeting with a man who has never demonstrated his ability to respect womens personal space in the past. Because the alternative fact in this scenario that you agreed to hold Trumps hand as a sign of unity is a grim one indeed.

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Theresa May, I hope you cringed at Trump’s grasp. The alternative is grim
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