(CNN)It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting amid the high whine of an old Mini Cooper or feeling the swirl of acceleration from the bucket seat of a Bentley Bentayga V12, the open road is one of life’s great levelers.

Fresh air, great scenery and a wide open road are the Holy Trinity of freedom — and it’s there for anyone with a set of wheels.
But with about 64 million kilometers of roads girdling the globe, where’s the best place to open up the throttle and chew up the miles?
From a morning’s jaunt to clear out the cylinders to epic road trips of sun, sea and sand, here’s a fast countdown of the top 10 road tours worldwide.

    Route 62, South Africa


    Distance: 120 kilometers.
    Approximate route time: 90 minutes.
    This is the sort of the landscape that gets hobbits hot under the collar, and we don’t blame them.
    A drive through the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island, from Te Anau towards Milford Sound into Fiordland National Park, this is possibly the most scenic route on the planet.
    Think mighty cliffs, snow-capped summits, waterfalls and fern trees that stick their middle fingers (or branches) up to gravity.
    Highlights: It’s hard not to stop and stare at the ridiculous beauty of Eglington Valley and the Mirror Lakes (which mirror their surroundings with crystal clarity).
    The Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain is also staggering — an optical illusion causes the approaching mountain to get smaller rather than larger.
    Stop for a bite at: The cozy Blue Duck Caf & Bar, at Sound Lodge in Milford Sound Village, serves hearty grub and local beer and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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    The world’s top 10 road trips