When Beth Dieselberg was diagnosed with cancer she had just finished her master’s degree in Spanish, as part of her New York City teaching program, and she was pregnant.

She quickly went from a student to a teacher, and then a pregnant woman, to awoman fighting for two lives.

Doctors told her that she couldn’t wait for treatment, so they started right awayand prepared her for the loss of her daughter. Most babies wouldn’t withstand the vigorous treatment that she’d have to go through, so they didn’t want it to be a shock if her baby died.

But, they were wrong about that. Her daughter survived treatment and Dieselberg is now 5 years in remission.

She now lives in Cincinnati with her daughter, Journey, so that they could both be closer to her family.

Unfortunately, though, her journey with cancer started up again. This time, with something called neuro endocrine small cell lung cancer.

Courtesy of Beth Dieselberg

But, the beauty of Dieselberg is that she refuses to give up hope.

Her diagnosis has a 5 year survival rate, which is 3%.

Her saying is now, “somebody has got to be that 3% and it’s going to be me!”

Courtesy of Beth Dieselberg

With 27 rounds of radiation and 6 rounds of chemo, the cells became inactive. But, two weeks ago, the cancer was found again.

This time in her liver, adrenal gland and beneath a broken rib.

She has been up and down, back and forth, and tried every trial or option there is out there.

How does she do it? Her amazing support system, including her family, friends and “melahomie” (a fellow melanoma warrior).

Courtesy of Beth Dieselberg

Dieselberg and her beautiful daughter, Journey, prove that life truly is all about the journey.

She continues to prove to be such a strong mother, inspirational woman, and believer of hope.

Courtesy of Beth Dieselberg

Her community has even recognized her for the greatness that she radiates.

At her daughter’s school, where she used to coach and teach, there is a volleyball tournament in memory of Mandy McCarthy, another teacher who fought cancer, but lost the battle.

This year, the tournament recognized and was set out to help benefit Dieselberg, as the heroic single mom that she is.

Courtesy of Beth Dieselberg

Her support system is there, now all she needs is a cure.

She says that her and her daughter Journey, have been through much too much to believe now that her work here is done.

And I for one, have to agree with her.

Courtesy of Beth Dieselberg

Diselbergmight have a diagnosis that claims to know her fate, but I truly believe she can beat the odds another time.

No one deserves to go through something like this, and I know no one wants to see this beautiful spirit leave this world!

Maybe if we share her story, we can raise awareness, and help Dieselberg find a cure out there.

In the meantime, she’s going to tirelessly continue trying to survive, and I think she’d like it if I left you with one of the quotes she’s determined to live by.

“Don’t put a period in your life where God only meant to put a comma.”

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