The comedian endorsed Hillary Clinton for president but said she remains inspired by Bernie Sanders ideals at Democratic convention in Philadelphia

After a first day shot through with a sense of betrayal and injustice at the Democratic national convention, it took a comedian to articulate the feeling of tragedy gripping Bernie Sanders supporters.

Sarah Silverman started with a pretty obvious Feel the Bern gag (I put cream on it), but went on to make one of the speeches of the night, with a thoughtful exposition of the argument for switching from Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

But while she articulated the argument for Sanders voters to get behind Clinton, she also displayed a flash of unscripted irritation, which appeared to anger some of the Vermont senators delegates in the room. After a day of rolling emotions, Silverman said: To the Bernie or Bust people, youre being ridiculous.

The remark came after a unifying speech, which began with her own declaration of support for Sanders.

As some of you may know, I support Bernie Sanders and the movement behind him, Silverman told the cheering audience.

Not only did Bernie wake us up, he made us understand what is possible and what we deserve. You know, my shrink says we dont get what we want, we get what we think we deserve, and Bernie showed us that all Americans deserve quality healthcare.

All it takes to accomplish this, its everyone, its all of us. Or as a pretty kickass woman once said it takes a village, Silverman said, the first of numerous references to the common ground shared by Clinton and Sanders.

Silverman called the Democratic primary exemplary, especially when compared to the major arrested development stuff employed by Trump, who clearly lacked human touch or coping tools as a child.

That is the process of democracy at its very best, and its very cool to see, Silverman continued, before going in for the full endorsement: Hillary is our Democratic nominee, and I will proudly vote for her.

As the audience cheered and jeered, the chants of Bernie and Hillary gliding over one another, Silverman continued. So inspiring! Its so inspiring just a few years ago, she was a secretary, and now shes going to be president. Shes like the only person ever to be overqualified for a job as the president. So I tell you this: I will vote for Hillary with gusto as I continue to be inspired and moved to action by the ideals set forth by Bernie, who will never stop fighting for us.

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