Gerard and Christina White have lived in their lovely home Birmingham, England home for 37 years. There was always a four-foot gap between their house and the property next door.

But in 2014, the retired couple was shocked to find a property developer had purchased the adjacent property and swiftly began an enormous expansion over their house without their permission.

Gerard and Christina, a retired motor engineer and retired head teacher respectively, watched in horror as their detached home was gradually turned into a semi-detached home. The two houses are now linked together at the roof and are overlapping, and they even share the same gutter!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the developer also started building a fourth bedroom upstairs that would look straight into the White’s front garden.

The Whites insisted the wall be pulled down and the property returned to comply with planning regulations, but were again left in disbelief when the city council allowed the extension project to move forward. Should they ever decide to move, the Whites fear their home will be unsellable.

Since private legal action is incredibly expensive, the Whites have had the support of their neighbors. Residents of the community fear their homes could see the same fate should developers purchase more properties.

Gerard told the Birmingham Mail, “We have spoken to a barrister and he told us there is a case for a judicial review as the council has failed in its duty of care towards us.” Neighbors have made legal donations, and hundreds of people have signed a petition demanding action.

Watch the video below to see what else the Whites have to say.

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