Andrew B. Myers

Children love birding, hiking, star-gazing, and sleuthing—especially if you give them the power of magnified vision.

1. Eagle Optics Kingbird 6.5×32 | $95

The Kingbird uses high-performing Porro prisms, making the binoculars heavier and more likely to go out of alignment with careless handling. But your budding birder will love its edge-to-edge sharpness, awesome color tone, and lack of distortion. As a bonus, the wider field of vision makes it easier to spot critters. Eagle Optics also offers a lifetime warranty, which will be useful when Little Sib starts asking for a turn.

BEST FOR: Discerning 7-year-olds

2. Kowa SV 8×25 | $99

Weighing just 9.1 ounces and measuring only 4.1 inches long, the Kowa SV is a good choice for kids with smaller hands and faces. The design uses roof prisms (the reflective surfaces meet at a pitched angle), which makes these binocs more streamlined and durable. Despite the Lilliputian dimensions, the Kowas offer high magnification. That's great news for your tree house sentry, though all that power does make it harder for wee'uns to hold objects steady in the field of view.

BEST FOR: Rambunctious explorers

Styled by Grace Hartnett

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