All of us grown-ups know that there are a few inherent challenges to dealing with little ones.

Young kids, as we all seen first hand, arent always going to respond well to logic and reasoning; theyre usually all about going into any problem emotions-first.

While this sometimes leads to slightly irrational reasons for getting upset, its pretty understandable to have a big emotional reaction to a minor problem if you are a very young person in a very confusing world.

After all, life can be overwhelming and baffling for adults, so for kids? Talk about sensory overload!

Thats why we love seeing grown-ups taking an active listening approach to helping kids out of an emotional tough spot.

The latest example comes from Indiana, where a sweet cop was caught on camera, literally getting down to the level of an out-of-sorts little lad.

Check out the incredible image and the story behind it in the gallery below!

Facebook/Love What Matters

According to the Facebook page Love What Matters, it all started when Indiana State Police Sgt.Precious Cornner-Jones noticed a little boy who was having a bad day and was feeling out-of-sorts.

As Cornner-Jones puts it, “This little fella was having a tough morning and fell out on the floor.

“I saw his mother step back and look. She stated this is how he is expressing himself lately.

“I decided to get on his level and talk to him. He started to cry so I wiped his tears and told him it will be ok.”

Her sweet act paid off for the little boy, and teaches an important lesson about how we all need to support one another.

Cornner-Jones continued her message of love by adding that, “As an adult sometimes all we want is one person to stop, get on our level and maybe wipe our tears.

“These children are entitled to bad days just as us, so give them that moment to bring it together.

“Get on someone’s level today and make them smile!!

“Spread PEACE and LOVE you might be that person that gives them hope.”

She couldn’t be more right; you never know what someone is going through, and it’s always valuable to give someone that little extra bit of emotional support on a bad day.

The beautiful moment unfolded when Sgt. Cornner-Jones showed up to Anna Brochhausen IPS 88, a public school in Indianapolis.

She was there to participate in the High Five Rally, an event organized by Pastor Preston T. Adams III to help support and encourage kids in the public school system.

Though the event is designed to boost self-esteem for every kid in the school, it was clear that this particular little fellow needed a little extra love and kindness on that particular day.

Within the Indiana State Police force, Sgt. Cornner-Jones is in good company.

The state troopers often make a diligent point of being involved in all sorts of hands-on education with kiddos in their communities.

They’re frequently on hand to visit classrooms, invite kids to tour stations, and generally help educate little ones about home and school safety tips.

They also seem to have a knack for implementing those same ‘active listening’ skills that Sgt. Cornner-Jones employed.

The Indiana State Troopers are often pictured bending down to talk to people who are much smaller than they are, and giving them an opportunity to voice what’s happening in their lives.

When she got right down on the floor to talk to that little boy in ISP 88, she was telling him, with body language, “your voice matters, and I want to hear what you have to say. In fact, it’s so important I’ll lie right here on the ground next to you.”

Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones could teach us all a lesson about showing respect to every other person, grown-up or very, very little.

We love her approach to actively supporting the community she lives and works in, and we’re sure that little boy’s wholeweek got just a little bit brighter remembering her sweet gesture.

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