If you are a parent, then you know you would do anything to preserve the safety and happiness of your children. Having loved and taken care of them their whole lives, there are no bounds to the kinds of sacrifices you would make.

But parents aren’t often asked to makeextreme sacrifices. The ones who give their lives to save their kids, even at birth, or still in the womb, are considered modern-day heroes, and one immigrant mom is no different.

Forty-year-old Dania Cegeno-Delrosario came to the United States from the Dominican Republic two years ago, in search for a better life and better opportunities. She also has a 7-year-old daughter named Denisse, who she hoped would thrive in this new life.

Friends and family describe Dania as selfless and hardworking; she recently made the ultimate sacrifice when she shoved her daughter out of the way of an oncoming car, which ended up hitting her.

As her daughter describes the scene, she received the full impact of the speeding car.

Denisse escaped any kind of major injury, but her mother’s state was so dire, that doctors couldn’t save her. She later died at the hospital from severe head and chest injuries following the hit-and-run.

Police are still searching for the culprit, while Denisse is staying with other devastated family members.

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Mom Shoves Her Daughter In The Street, Then Dies A Hero In A Hit-And-Run Accident
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