Everyone wants their wedding day to be as memorable as possible.

Whether that means reciting your own vows, hiring an awesome band, or making sure you’re serving the best meal your guests have ever eaten in their lives, it can really be anything that sets your big day apart from the others.

But for a lot of people, their go-to big moment comes when they unveil a choreographed dance routine that they’ve been working on to surprise their guests.

These routines are always hilarious, as the wedding party gets involved and busts out all of their best moves alongside the bride and groom.

Usually, there’s some awesome song choices to go along with their practiced steps, and it just adds to the mood.

For Marci and Ed, they had a full dance floor for their surprise routine.

With each and every bridesmaid and groomsman out there, it was difficult to focus on just one group as they were all doing something amazing one the dance floor.

And, of course, the bride and groom were stealing the show with their adorable moves. You can just see how much fun they werehaving out there on their big day.

It’s so nice to watch a couple forget the stress of the day and just have a great time with one another.

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Choreography Credit: Your First Dance

Videography Credit: Memories Unlimited

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