Cats getinto the strangest places! They’re so flexible, they can crawl into just about any nook and cranny.

The scary thing about that, is while cats usually can wiggle out of anything, they can also wiggle their way into getting stuck! Sometimes cats can bite off more than they can chew when going on adventures. Despite their agility, not ever cat can get out of a sticky situation.

One man was stopped at a gas station recently when he heard a cat meowing. But he couldn’t find any cat or kitten, so he alerted gas station employees to the animal in distress. It turns out the kitten had gotten stuck in a wall!

[H/T: Love Meow]

After realizing the kitten was stuck in the wall, the gas station employees called SES (State Emergency Service) for help.

When SES got there, together they realized that the kitten was trapped in the wall with no way to climb out.

“We tried a few things, trying to get him to hold onto something or try to climb up,” Heidi, one of the kitten’s rescuers, said to Love Meow.

The SES team managed to rig up a sack and rope for the kittento climb onto. Thankfully, they were able to lift him up to safety!

It was unclear how long he’d been stuck in that pipe, but they found no homes close to the gas station that the kitten could have wandered from. They believe he was dumped by his owner.

His rescuers named him Cookie!

He’s very happy to be saved and fed now. He’s currently being fostered by Heidi until he is old enough to be adopted.

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