Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:

Back in college, I used to just make my friends guess words for fun. I never knew you could make money from it.
—Will Shortz
On his career editing the “New York Times” crossword

No matter which one of my boats Im talking about, I refer to it as my second boat. That way, everyone knows Ive got two.
—Uzo Aduba
On having two boats

When I started studying primates, I was worried I wouldnt have time anymore for my pet passion: studying atoms. But now I can buy a house made of atoms, so it all worked out nicely.
—Jane Goodall
On happy accidents

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Find Out What Will Shortz, Uzo Aduba, And Jane Goodall Have To Say
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