A smile can enhance yourentire appearance and make you the most endearing person in the room,like this little toddler.

But if you’re self-conscious about your teeth, your smile can become something that pulls your confidence down.

Since so much of our everyday lives involve talking to one another and smiling, people who aren’t as confident with their mouths can feel withdrawn, and too scared to show off their imperfections.

This was the case for 33-year-old Shontelle Crosby, whose teeth became so crowded and crooked over the years that she couldn’t even pose in photos with her four children, since she was worried about her smile.

But when she heard that a local radio station was doing a story on people unsatisfied with their smile, she decided to put herself and her teeth out there for the world to see.

And it ended up paying off in a big way, because she got a new smile out of it!

Check below to learn more about her amazing transformation.

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Though she considers herself anaturallyconfident person,Shontelle Crosbyneversmiled, and would always be sure to cover her mouth while she talked.

She’s also skipped over a dozen job interviews throughout the years, and refused to pose in photos with her four children.

This is all because of her incredibly crooked teeth that have plagued her throughout her life.

Because of family circumstances, Crosby could never afford to get the dental work she so desperately needed.

“My teeth were so squashed and over time they deteriorated,” she explained toDaily Mail. “I brushed twice a day and flossed as best I could between my overcrowded teeth, but they continued to decay and get even more crooked.”

She seemed to be resigned to a life with low self esteem due to her mouth, until she heard that Auckland-based radio station, MoreFM was doing a feature on people who were unsatisfied with their smiles.

She decided to send in a video to them detailing her situation, complete with a close up shot of her severely mangled mouth.

A couple of days later, she got a call from theAlpers Dental Company with an unbelievable offer.

They agreed to give her an entirelynew smile, completely free of charge, footing a bill that would normally be around $30,000!

And though she had to undergo a month-long process involving 20 pulled teeth, four fillings, four cleanings and two sets of dentures, Crosby finally got the smile that she’s wanted her entire life.

“It was completely overwhelming and the most emotional thing I’ve ever been through,”explains Crosby, whose smile is virtually unrecognizable today.

Though the results have been amazing, the mouth-altering process has been anything but easy, and requires that the 33-year-old eat only liquids and soup until shefully recovers.

The entire process is around 80 percent complete, and her smile will be perfect by the time she gets married to her fianc, Richard.

In a matter of months, she went from being a sufferer of severely crooked teeth and sinking self-esteem, to a blushing bride-to-be with a beautiful smile.

She is also excited to be able to partake in photos and pose alongside her loved ones, though she’s still having to practice her smile in the mirror!

“My daughters tell me they think I’m pretty, and now I’m happy to pose in photos with them,”she said.

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Embarrassed Mom Refuses To Smile In Photos, Then She Films Her Mouth And Gets New Teeth
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