Sometimes a company will do something so incredibly amazing that it completely restores your faith in humanity and gives you hope for the future. Thats certainly true of Dominos Pizza, which just proved its willing to stand up for its customers in a big way. From now on, if you order a pizza from Dominos and die before it reaches you, the company will deliver your pizza to your next of kin.

This is officially the most inspiring story youre going to hear all day.

Under the new company policy, if a Dominos customer passes away in the 10 to 30 minutes of time between when they order the pizza and when the pizza arrives, the delivery person will locate their closest living relative and deliver the pizza to them no matter where in the world they live!

We want our customers to rest assured that if the unthinkable happens to them in the 20 or 30 minutes between the time they order their pizza and the time their pizza arrives, it will be delivered fully intact to their next of kin, Dominos CEO J. Patrick Doyle wrote in a press release earlier this week. These pizzas may have been marked by tragedy, but theyre still hot, delicious Dominos pizzas. We consider it our duty to ensure that even if our late customers cannot enjoy these pizzas, their families can.

Dominos new system is elegant and efficient, just as youd expect from such a compassionate company. When a customer passes away while awaiting a Dominos pizza, the pizza is transferred to a black delivery box and carried to the next of kin, where the Dominos employee informs them that their loved one has passed away and, after receiving payment for the pizza, presents them with the solemn pizza box.

Wow. Its incredibly heartwarming to see a company so dedicated to doing the right thing for its customers. Faith in humanity restored.

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Doing Whats Right: If You Die Before Your Pizza Is Delivered, Dominos Will Deliver It To Your Next Of Kin
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