The shirt, featuring a photograph of Bill Clinton above the word rape, is being sold by Trump adviser Roger Stone and Infowars operator Alex Jones

Roger Stone, the former Nixon operative and Trump adviser, and Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and Infowars operator, launched the latest in their line controversial T-shirts on Thursday.

The design features a photograph of Bill Clinton above the word Rape. The image mimics the colour wash of Shepherd Faireys famous 2008 Obama campaign Hope image.

A crowd of little over a dozen people greeted Jones and Stone with chants of lock her up a much recited phrase at the convention demanding the imprisonment of Hillary Clinton.

Oliver Laughland (@oliverlaughland) July 21, 2016

LIVE on #Periscope: Roger stone and Alex Joned launch Bill Clinton “rape” t-shirt

The shirt, which around half a dozen attendees went on to purchase, is the latest in a line of offensive memorabilia on sale at the RNC and Trump rallies around the country.

T-shirts and badges showing Trump punching Clinton in the face, Clinton locked behind bars and calling Clinton a bitch, have been sold at dozens of street vendors in Cleveland over the convention, and have been seen on the lapels of delegates inside the convention centre.

Oliver Laughland (@oliverlaughland) July 19, 2016

Some of the nastiest, and let’s be honest, sexist, Hillary badges on sale today. #RNCinCLE

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