Just how private is your personal information?

You’re more at risk of identity fraud than you think. Sharing personal details like your date of birth, address and phone number can make you a lot more vulnerable to scams and fraudulent activity.

That’s why the folks at Cifas UK came up with a clever way to scare people into rethinking their privacy settings online and sharing less about themselves to the internet at large.

In the social experiment below, customers at a London coffee shop arethoroughly freaked out when the baristas reveal they knew a lot more than just their names.

After seeing a sign posted on the coffee shop window that read, “Like us on Facebook for a free cup of coffee,” patrons have no idea that once they hit the “like” button on Facebook, a team of sneaky cyber-stalkers are quickly learning all about them via their Instagram, Twitter, Google and Facebook accounts.

By the time the patrons order their free cups of coffee, the baristas are armed with their personal information, and have scribbled it all over the cups like professions, educational backgrounds, and names, ages and addresses of family members.

Pretty terrifying stuff.

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Barista Is Acting Strange, Then He Notices She Wrote His Private Information All Over The Cup
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