Surely there’sa little bit of kid-like wonder in all of us, no matter how old we are.

Whenwe’re youngand get a brand new, beautiful footballfor a birthday, it’s highly likely that we’ll wonder what exactly is inside that makes it the way it is. What makes it fly throughthe air that way? Is there somespecial inner secret that makes it work?

Now, some of us took the initiative and destroyed the things we were curious about,much to Mom and Dad’s dismay. The rest of us? Well, now’s our time to take a peek inside of some everyday objects, as well as some not-so-everyday specimens.

Even if you’ve seen some of these 14 items opened upbefore, you’ve probably never taken the time to appreciate just how cool and unique-looking they are on the inside. It just goes to show how amazing both nature and human ingenuity can be!

1. Toothpaste


I never realizedI needed to know what toothpaste looked like inside of the tube untilseeing this cool cut.

2. Tooth With A Cavity


Brush your teeth, kids, because this is what a cavity looks like inside.

3. Nautilus Shell


Nature really is amazing, and you never really get to see this part of it!

4. Wasp Nest


That’s one huge nest, and the intricate details are notwhat I would have pictured inside at all.

5. Airplane Wheel


I can’t believe even the wheel is such a complex piece of machinery.

6. Old Paint Stirrer


The wood itself may be normal, but how many years do you think this same stirrer has been used? Incredible.

7. Antique Chair Seat


Just in case you were wondering exactly what folks were sitting on in 19th century Austria.

8. Zippo Lighter


The inner workings of this classic lighter are way cooler than I thought they’d be.

9. Water Lily Before Blooming


This is just downright incredible.

10. High Voltage Power Cable


It’s comforting to see all that insulation in there, keeping us protected.

11. Garlic


You’ve probably smashed the cloves before, but have you ever cut in? Simple, yet surprisingly beautiful.

12. Bocce Ball


Looks like they even recycled other bocce balls to make this one.

13. Firecracker


All that gunpowder is why you must be verycarefularound firecrackers!

14. Bowling Ball


I thoughtthere would have been more to it!

Have you ever cut anything open just for the heck of it? Which of these do you think is the coolest? Let us know in the comments.


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