Reddit user, “, had a great relationship with his grandparents he lovingly referred to asPopPop and Nana. He remembers his grandmother reading him Treasure Island as a kid, sparking a lifelong desire to find a secret fortune of his own someday.

After PopPop and Nana passed away, theylefttheir farmhouse in Tennessee to their beloved grandson. When he went to the house to clean it up, he noticed a very dirty carpet.

He decided to get rid of the musty old rug, but when he lifted it up to throw it away, he made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery a hidden safe.

For days he tried to crack the lock on the concrete safe, but to no avail. Finally, hecalled a locksmith, who broke it open.

EvilEnglish sayshis grandparents were avid collectors, so he knew the safe would be filled with interesting stuff… but he never imagined this.

Scroll downto uncover what he found…

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While cleaning out his late grandparents’ farmhouse, Reddit user “EvilEnglish” opened up one of their closets.


Behind the door he found a dirty, smelly carpet and knew he wanted to get rid of it right away.


But then he looked down at the floor and noticed a strange round piece of metal sticking out of a concrete slab.


Upon further inspection, he realized it was some sort of strange safe locked up and hidden in the closet floor.

He tried to open the safe by himself but couldn’t. He hired a locksmith to crack it open.


Finally, the lock was removed from the safe


He pulled it open…


…And found a pile of bricks and lots of water damage.


Under the bricks he discovered a time capsule from the 30s. There was a 1937 coin book water-damaged on the outside, but all of the money inside was kept in pristine condition.


There were even more coin books.


And here is just a third of what was found inside the safe.


Diving back in, he found some old soaked dollar bills…


…and lots more coins.


Some coins were exceptionally rare and beautiful.


He also found vintage pistols, wristwatches, and…


…a rusted box. Full of tools, perhaps?


Nope! In the decrepit box were piles of jewelry…


…bars of pure silver! Looks like he came into his own secret fortune, thanks to his amazing grandparents.


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