More of some, but less of others.

Heres one of the Jennifer Anistons.

This is the second of the Jennifer Anistons.

Now, as promised, No. 3 of the Jennifer Anistons. Threes pretty good.

Okay, there are just two Kim Kardashians. Heres the first.

And heres the second. Three or even seven Kim Kardashians may be more exciting, but two is a fine amount nonetheless.

All right, get ready for four (FOUR!!!) Michelle Rodriguezesthis one is just the tip of the Michelle Rodriguez iceberg!

One, TWO Michelle Rodriguezes out of four (holy fucking shit! FOUR!!!). Surfs up, and its Michelle Rodriguez!

One, two, THREE Michelle Rodriguezesthe third, NOT the final, Michelle Rodriguez! And if youre a big Michelle Rodriguez fan, weve got a real treat for you crawling down the pike!

One, two, three, four (FOUR!!!) Michelle Rodriguezes. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back. A bakers trio (FOUR!!!) of Michelle Rodriguez, the jackpot amount. Go ahead, count them yourself (there are four [FOUR!!!]). Believe it. Sadly, four (FOUR!!!) is not the case with Kristen Bell, as you will see momentarily.

Only one Kristen Bell. Just one. Thats it. Very sorry, but thats all. Please dont take it to heart. Going from a Great Lake of four (FOUR!!!) Michelle Rodriguezes to a shrews teardrop of only one Kristen Bell must feel like a letdown. Thats life, though. Sometimes there is only one, and sometimes youre lucky enough to say there are four (by Gods own admission! FOUR!!!). Think about it in this way: Perhaps knowing there is only one Kristen Bell makes you appreciate it more than you wouldve had there been two, three, or four (FOUR!!!) Kristen Bell? All we ask is that you salvage what you can from this only one Kristen Bell. Jennifer Aniston had three, Kim Kardashian had two, Michelle Rodriguez had four (from stem to stern, tip to pit, FOUR!!!!), and Kristen Bell just the one. Feel free to imagine more Kristen Bell here if youd like. Or maybe even open this in four (FOUR!!!) different windows and line the Kristen Bells up next to each other? Whatever helps. Again, very sorry.

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3 Jennifer Anistons, 2 Kim Kardashians, 4 (FOUR!!!) Michelle Rodriguezes, And Very Sorry But Only 1 Kristen Bell
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