Coffee: it’s a necessity for a lot of people.

That boost of caffeine in the morning is what makes it possible to put your shoes on the right feet, and to not forget your keys when you leave the house. It also keeps you from pouring orange juice into your cereal instead of milk.

If you drink coffee every morning, you may be getting a little tired of the same flavors over and over again. Plus, all the creamers and additives have the potential to be loaded with chemicals that might actually slow you down in the long run.

So, how to you spice up your java routine? These 11unexpectedingredients to add to your coffee might surprise you, not only with their strangeness, but with how delicious they make your morning!

Have you ever tried any of these ideasbefore? Do you think that you might give one of them a go to start your day tomorrow?

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1. Butter


Butter is a yummy addition to any cup of coffee and it has a second benefit. As long as you go for unsalted, grass-fed butter, you’ll be adding a dose of healthy fat, which will provide a boost of extra energy!

2. Coconut


Adding coconut sugar to your grounds before brewing, or coconut oil right to your cup, will give thingsa brown sugary flavor without all the refined sweetenersdragging you down.

3. Eggshells


Adding cleaned, crumbled eggshells is the perfect solution for those who need the caffeine kick, but can’t stand the bitter nature of their brew. The eggshells mellow out that bite.

4. Ginger


Adding a few slices of ginger or ginger powder to your grounds before brewing will make your coffee taste like gingerbread, and also make it easier on your stomach, as ginger is a natural digestive aid.

5. Salt


Adding a pinch of salt to your bitter coffee will balance out the bitter taste, as well as bring out all of the wonderful flavors.

6. Peppermint Oil


Add afew drops into the grounds for a minty finish. But don’t go overboard no need to overpower your brew.

7. Cayenne


If you like things spicy, add a little bit of cayenne to your grounds before brewing for a delicious kick.

8. Anise Seeds


These seeds taste a bit like licorice, so if you toss a few in with your coffee grounds, you’re in for a treat.

9. Homemade Syrup


Instead of adding store-bought syrup with a list of chemicals a mile long, make your own! All you need is sugar, water, and your favorite extract. It will taste much better and will be better for you.

10. Coffee Ice Cubes


Iced coffee is great, but it is inherently watery (obviously, ice melts.) Freeze some of your leftover coffee in an ice cube tray and add those instead.Like magic, you’ll have a delicious alternative to a watered-down brew.

11. Chocolate


Okay, maybe it isn’t toosurprising that chocolate is delicious. But have you ever actually tried tossinga little in your morning cup?The results are tastierthan you can imagine!

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