When you were little, you probably spent a lot of time with Mom or Dad picking out bedtime stories to read. That is, when you weren’t playing with your favorite toy, of course.

The difficult part about this was surely choosing which incredible children’s book you would delve into that night.The storylines in these books were only half of the fun the illustrations were all so beautiful and creative as well.

These stories and their illustrations really do stand the test of time, andthey are extraspecial to those kids who grew up in the ’50s,who were the first to wrap their imaginative little minds around them.

These 10 vintage children’s books will have every ’50s baby and those who love that classic era yearning to cozy up with a soft blanket and read these stories aloud again. Which one of these tales was your favorite asa kid? They’re all so good that it’s hard to choose just one!

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1. Harold And The Purple Crayon


This 1955 classic by Crockett Johnson will bring you back to a fantastic purple world from your childhood.

2. Curious George


Curious Georgeby H.A. Ray was originally published in 1941, but children of the ’50s will definitely remember reading it over and over again.

3. Charlotte’s Web


This 1952 book by E.B. White gave kids a story that truly touched their hearts.

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10 Vintage Childrens Books That Every Kid From The 50s Will Remember
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