According toThe Jetsons, we were all supposed to be zooming around on rockets by now and enjoying meals delivered to usinstantly fromthe shinygadgetsin our kitchens.

While we haven’t come quite that far yet, we have definitely changed the way we prepare our food on a daily basis.Some things are great about the way ourcollectivekitchens have been transformed over the years, especially if you’re someone who relies on their microwaved dinners as much as I do. YetI can’t help but feel like we’ve also sacrificed a lot of the vintagecharm from our parents’ and grandparents’ cookery fromthe 1950s and ’60s.

Looking at all of the beautiful andsuper useful ways folks designed and dined in their homes back then, it really makes me wonder what happened to make these amazing features seem to disappear.

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1. Vibrant Colors


My kitchen looks so “blah” compared to these amazing appliances and cabinets. I would definitely love to see this trend come back, especially in my own home!

2. Extra Counter Space


How genius is this simple sink cover? I really don’t know why this ever went out of style.

3. Comfortable Food Prep Areas


I would probably shed a few less tears if I had this handy shelf and cozy chair while I chopped onions.

4. Stovetop Counters


This meant less time waiting for the bacon to hit your plate at breakfast!

5. Breakfast Counter Windows


You rarely see this charming setup in the new houses built today, but it looks like the perfect way to serve your morning meal to me.

6. Egg-cellent Fridge Organization


Those eggs on the far top right don’t have to worry about getting squished by all the bulkier items crowding up this icebox.

7. Chic Lighting Accents


The carpet might not have been the best idea while whipping up messy recipes, but those jewel-toned light shades make my beige ones seem even more boring.

8. Multiple Oven Compartments


Just imagine how much easier cooking for Thanksgiving would be with this old schoolquadrupleoven.

9. Sunken Sink Cabinets


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve hit my knees against my own cabinet while rinsing off my dishes. This would solve the problem beautifully!

10. Indoor Grills


Families were able to enjoy flame grilled steaks and burgers any time of the year, no matter what the weather was doing. Complete with an industrial-sized exhaust fan, it’s like having summer in your home year-round!

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